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About Lucy

Lucy Peach is a period preacher, author, and folksinger. Lucy is a long-time champion of the power of the menstrual cycle and an advocate for self-love and positive body literacy. She’s educated and empowered thousands with her theatre performances, workshops, and book, using science stories and songs to shift the period narrative in our culture from one of shame to one of pride. 


Lucy has spent the past two decades studying human biology, woman’s health & wellbeing, and Menstruality Leadership. She has a Bachelor of Science in human biology and biomedicine with honours in medicine, and a graduate diploma of education in human biology. Lucy started her career as a human biology teacher and sexual health educator while building a parallel career as a stadium-folk-pop singer song-writer. A long-time proponent of menstrual cycle awareness, Lucy used her own cycle as a tool to create music that won her WA’s Best Folk Act of 2016.


Lucy launched her theatre show My Greatest Period Ever in 2017, touring Australia and UK, winning the Martin Sims Fringe World 2017 Award and both the BRIGHTON and SYDNEY Fringe World Winner 2018 Award. In 2018 Lucy followed with a youth version of her award-winning show, debuting How to Period Like a Unicorn for tweens and teens to sold-out shows around Australia.


Her TED talk – The Power of the Period – received over 50 000 views, while her insightful and refreshing take on the period has seen her as a featured guest at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 and Perth's Disrupted festival 2021, and numerous podcasts such as Mia Freedman’s No Filter, Nicole Jardim’s The Period Party, Dr. Mariza Snyder’s Essentially You and many more.


Lucy is married to Richard, My Greatest Period Ever illustrator and co-performer, they are parents to two teenage boys. 

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