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We've created a library of Lucy Peach resources. Please feel free to use these resources for yourself, your school or your business - share how you use them on socials or email us, we'd love to know!


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Cycle Sense

Listen to the Podcast

Join Lucy with special guests Constance Hall, Mama Kin, Claire Baker and Clementine Ford delving into their own cycles, learn how you can life hack your cycle for creativity, productivity, connection and self-love.

Watch the TEDx

Lucy Peach shares how learning about her period has helped unlock both creativity and productivity. She shows how understanding the power of the period can transform both lives and relationships.

Get the Cycle Tracker

If you want to life hack your cycle, the best place to start is tracking!

Download this easy to use chart, free, and discover YOU.

Listen to the Playlists

The Lucy Peach curated cycle playlist is available on Apple Music

Get the Book

The ultimate playbook for how to life-hack your cycle.

An Australian best seller, Period Queen is a practical and humorous guide that will shift the way you think about your menstrual cycle and your body.

Online Courses

Self-paced online videos, journal prompts, meditation, exercises and more. Lucy has created a number of simple personal development journeys to help you Meet and Explore your cycle powers.

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