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Period Queen Podcast

What day are you on? How can you best channel your power? What powers? Your menstrual powers. Lucy Peach, author of Period Queen is a period preacher blowing the lid off shame and empowering people to have their greatest period ever. With science, stories, songs and special guests Constance Hall, Mama Kin, Claire Baker and Clementine Ford delving into their own cycles, learn how you can life hack your cycle for creativity, productivity, connection and self-love. 

School Keynote 

1-hour Keynote*, $1500

Parents Nights, Mum Nights, Dad Nights & Student Incursions 


  • Pre-event consultation

  • Q&A session

  • Signed Period Queen book for your school

  • Marketing kit (includes event email, event graphics, Lucy's bio & promo images)

* Only available In Real Life or virtual.