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FAQ's for Schools

What do you offer? 

I offer keynote presentations, interactive workshops for students, parents, and teachers, live theatre performances, and online courses

What are the main outcomes for students? 

  • An increased comfortability in talking about the menstrual cycle for all

  • Empowerment for those with cycles

  • Increased empathy and understanding for those without cycles

  • Increased awareness in the menstrual cycle as a positive tool for power, pride, and self-care

  • Increased self-awareness

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What group sizes do you work with? 

I work with groups of any size but it is more cost-effective to do a whole school, year group talk, or several whole-class workshops over a half-day booking.

Can you tailor your workshops/presentations to the needs of the school? 

Yes, I am happy to chat over the phone to establish the needs of your school. Sessions can be aligned to the curriculum and work with where your students are at. I encourage schools to offer their students an anonymous question box prior to our session.


Do you include the performance of songs as a matter of course? 

Yes! I have found that using music to engage students is a powerful way to consolidate learning.


Are your workshops/presentations accessible for all genders or is it just for those who can/may menstruate? 

Great question! Workshops are suitable for all genders. Some schools find students prefer to be separated by gender and other schools don't, I am happy to work with either.


Is what you do aligned to the Australian Curriculum? 


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What the kids say...

Ivy, Yr 9

I valued how educated Lucy was on periods and how comfortable she made me feel to talk about periods. She also changed my views on periods and how they can be so powerful :)

Lily Nguyen, Yr 8

I understood so much more about periods, I love the way you explained it especially with the illustrations and diagrams as the visuals made it a lot more entertaining and easy to understand. You made me understand that periods are a lot more than just bleeding. You managed to inspire me to properly put effort into tracking my cycle and what each part of it means

Cooper Wood, Yr 8

I'm a boy. I learned the science and biology behind periods but I also learned how people feel when they are at the different stages of their period and to make sure that I'm accepting of that.

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