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Engage, Inform
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Give your teams the equity support they need to thrive

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How Can a Positive & Supportive Menstrual Culture Impact

Your Business?

1. Women and those with periods will have an opportunity to feel empowered, acknowledged, supported and optimised.

2. Men and those without cycles will be empowered to effectively support their teams.

3. Increase staff retention and attract a confident workforce with a positive menstrual culture.

Thank you for finding the perfect way to pitch menstrual health to this diverse audience in a way that was fun, respectful and inclusive.

Jo Flanagan CEO Women's Health Tasmania
Corporate Menstrual Coaching

What's this all about?

5 bloody good reasons
to book Lucy:

- Entertaining -

"An inspiring, educational and entertaining show! Lucy Peach is a force of nature - mesmerising & enchanting."

Sandra D


- Relatable -

"...brought an energy to the launch that was both playful and profound. You talked about the menstrual cycle in a way that connected everyone in the room."

Jo Flanagan, CEO, Women's Health Tasmania


- For Everyone -

"If I could pay for the whole city & surrounding suburbs to see this show I would do so in a heartbeat!... take your men, your non-binaries your mum & dad... it's a must see and so insightful.

Anastasia C

- Practical implementation -

"Understanding the cycle more and planning engagements - helps me as a male"

A 'male' on the Water Corporation team

- Life-changing! -

"This changes everything!"

Mia Freedman

Lucy Peach Services

Public Speaking


  • Informative & entertaining

  • It's inclusive

  • It gives everyone comfortable language around a taboo & uncomfortable topic

  • Staff feel respected and supported


  • Pre-event consultation

  • Pre-event attendee questionnaire (3 min)

  • Q&A session

  • Signed Period Queen book for your team

  • Marketing kit (includes event email, event graphics, Lucy's bio & promo images)​



  • Elevating your company culture

  • Product development

  • Policy development & integration

  • Research


If you're looking for advice on how to reframe information about the menstrual cycle in a positive and empowering way, get in touch for a consultation session to ensure your message is effective and affirming.

Team Workshops


  • Greater self-awareness, self-confidence & self management

  • Elevate the company culture

  • Enhance engagement and productivity

  • Cohesive teams & improved communication


  • Pre-event consultation

  • Pre-event attendee questionnaire (3 min)

  • Q&A session

  • Lucy Peach & additional facilitator

  • Signed Period Queen book for your team

  • Marketing kit (includes event email, event graphics, Lucy's bio & promo images)

Corporate Packages

Corporate package are designed for your companies needs, they may include:

  • Cultural Audit

  • Coaching/Development:

    • Self-paced courses

    • Workshops

    • Group coaching sessions

  • Culture shift support

  • Policy Development

Contact us for more information on this.

The Theatre Show

Encompassing stories, science and songs, this multimedia soiree shows you how to life hack your menstrual cycle from a curse into your ‘Greatest Period Ever’. Hilarious, heartfelt & always informative, Lucy is joined by her husband Richard who creates live illustrations to bring her menstrual messages to life. 


  • Pre-show meeting

  • Tech run through

  • Signed Period Queen book for your school or team

  • Media kit & marketing kit (includes event email, event graphics, event promo video, Lucy's bio & promo images)

Here are some reviews from her last show

“Reforms to lift female participation are urgently needed to lift our game to meet current and future skill gaps.”

Dr Angela Jackson, Lead Economist

A positive menstrual culture is a big part of the gender equity jigsaw.
Are you looking to grow a culture where women do not need to be ‘one of the boys’ to fit in, contribute and succeed?

Are you looking for a way to maximise your teams potential and wellbeing?

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