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How Women Work

An engaged female workforce begins with understanding.

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A male hormonal cycle is 24 hours long.
A woman’s hormonal cycle is around 28 days.
It's time to optimise the workplace for how women work.

Change is Coming...

Organisations that work for women, work harder. In 2022, Future Super Group saw its staff satisfaction rise 86%, and it ranked #1 in the Australian Financial Review BOSS Best Places to Work 2022, after employing staff education, training, and a menstrual policy.

Who Benefits from Menstrual and Menopause Awareness & Support?

Women and those with periods are empowered, feeling acknowledged and supported.

Men and those without cycles, foster empathy through awareness. Gain insight that will impact both your work and personal life.

Companies. Equity leaders create a Safe & Respectful Culture, leading to increased productivity & staff retention, where everyone can thrive.

“The event was incredible, we have had so much positive feedback from it… one of our best events yet - so thank you!”

Lauren Paddon, Senior Manager, Apple

“My aha moment was that our period and cycle is not something to be tolerated or a ‘deficit’ as Lucy put it, it’s also not something we choose as a hobby, we have to work with ourselves and not fight against it”

Employee, Chevron

“Thank you for finding the perfect way to pitch menstrual health to this diverse audience in a way that was fun, respectful and inclusive.”

Jo Flanagan, CEO,
Women's Health Tasmania
Corporate Menstrual Coaching

What's this all about?

Lucy Peach Services

Here are our 3 Levels of Corporate Packages

All our packages are bespoke to meet your company needs, contact us to schedule an introductory consultation today.


How Women Work 101. A powerful overview of how hormonal cycles affect us all. What every woman needs in a workplace, and the biology of why.


  • Keynote - How Women Work 101

    • 1 hr Keynote and Q&A

  • Pre session digital survey for attendees

  • Post Session Feedback survey for attendees


Optional extra - Record Keynote 101 and share the video, 3 month licence.


Bring what you've learned to life.


Everything included in the Awareness Package PLUS

  • Culture audit -  Interview select employees and stakeholders, gain insight into lived experiences and expectations, and report

  • Additional Keynote Topics to expand on the 101

  • Self-paced experiential Course, available for all employees, Company Cohort Access

  • Books for staff


Be a workplace of choice for women and become an Equity Leader.


Everything included in the Awareness and Engagement Packages PLUS
​ ​

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Believe Your Body Course Company Cohort Access (self-nominated)

  • Access to self-paced learning for all staff and their families

  • New Employee Onboarding - video & assessment

  • Menstrual and Menopause Policy support

  • Stakeholder Report

Successful Change Includes Everyone.


"Women and people who menstruate will gain a better understanding of the energy and emotional landscape of their cycle.

Men will gain understanding on how women work, this insight will have an impact beyond the workplace."

Lucy Peach

5 bloody good reasons
to book Lucy

- Entertaining -

"Lucy is just amazing. So eloquent, knowledgeable, funny."

"Frank and humorous and enlightening"

"She makes this topic safe and fun - as it should be!"

"Lucy is such an engaging speaker and just loving
this information"

Chevron Employees


- Relatable -

"...brought an energy to the launch that was both playful and profound. You talked about the menstrual cycle in a way that connected everyone in the room."

Jo Flanagan, CEO, Women's Health Tasmania


- For Everyone -

"If I could pay for the whole city & surrounding suburbs to see this I would do so in a heartbeat!... take your men, your non-binaries your mum & dad... it's a must see and so insightful.

Anastasia C

- Practical implementation -

"Understanding the cycle more and planning engagements - helps me as a male"

A 'male' on the Water Corporation team

"A lot of people were inspired to start tracking their cycle and optimising it based on the phases you shared. I personally absolutely loved hearing your perspective"

Loren Helmrich, Public Relations Manager, Apple

- Life-changing! -

"Something I feel I should have known about my body for many years… I didn't previously get the memo on this stuff! Has the power to transform lives and relationships!"

Chevron Employee

“Reforms to lift female participation are urgently needed to lift our game to meet current and future skill gaps.”

Dr Angela Jackson, Lead Economist

A positive menstrual culture is a big part of the gender equity jigsaw.
Are you looking to grow a culture where women do not need to be ‘one of the boys’ to fit in, contribute and succeed?

Are you looking for a way to maximise your teams potential and wellbeing?

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