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Let’s Give Our Kids Their Greatest Period Ever


Hormonal cycle affects mood, energy and cognition...
And it's NATURAL.

The more young people understand how our incredible bodies work - the more they value themselves.

This isn’t just human biology, it builds precious self esteem, and will lead to more respectful relationships in the future. Body positivity is a daily breath of fresh air, it makes life richer and sets everyone up to be emotionally intelligent human beings with a strong sense of self.


Creating a Positive Culture.

What if we could empower your students to see themselves, and each other, as whole people? Knowledge is power and knowing their cycles and the effect their hormones have on them throughout the month is their power. Teach them to feel validated and powerful, and to welcome each stage as it comes. Give them the tools to positively navigate their menstrual cycles, all 450 of them!

Bring Lucy to your School with...

The Show

Live theatre show.


Educate and entertain with Lucy’s award-winning theatre show
My Greatest Period Ever.

Hilarious, heartfelt and always informative, the exultant folk-pop wunderkind is joined by her husband Richard who creates live illustrations to bring her positive menstrual messages to life. 


Unlimited participants

Self-paced & online.


Yr 6 to 9's are introduced to the menstrual cycle with the Meet Your Power course.

Yr 9 to 11's gain a deeper insight into how their cycles work for them with Explore Your Power.


1hr session plus Q&A and a meet and greet.


Lucy educates and entertains through stories, science and song as she walks you through the emotional and physical phases of the menstrual cycle.

Tailored for:

 - Parents night -

- Students & parents -

- Incursions -

Bring lucy to your school

...that fact that you can sing and I loved your feminist vibe, I also really appreciate your informative information about periods. we love you queen PERIOD!!

Year 8 Student, Churchlands Senior High School

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