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Your Period


Tired of Fighting Your Body?

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, you're not enough, or you're too much, you're not alone.

Join 1000’s of women who have reframed the way they understand their cycle to find more of their innate potential and build deeper self-love, no matter what your life looks like.

This masterclass will help you do just that. With interactive lessons for your mind, body, and soul, you'll learn how to tap into your body's natural highs and lows, tune into what is already a part of you, getting the most out of every day. Because you are so worth it!

I wish I had had this kind of education when I first got my period! I'm 32 and have lost track of how many of my friends and colleagues I've told about Lucy...

Bec V


About Lucy

Lucy has spent the past two decades studying human biology, biomedicine, woman’s health & wellbeing and menstrual education.

Peach has empowered thousands with her theatre performances, workshops, and her bestseller book Period Queen.

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Explore Your Power



  • Explore challenges, channeling, and how to support each of your cycle phases.

  • 365 Days Access

  • Lucy Peach support

  • Self-paced with unlimited access

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Menstrual Masterclass



  • Meet Your Power course

  • Explore Your Power course

  • 365 Days Access

  • Lucy Peach support

  • Self-paced with unlimited access

  • Course bundle exclusive to Women's Agenda

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Menstrual Masterclass + Period Queen Book



  • Everything included in the Menstrual Masterclass bundle

  • PLUS Signed Period Queen Book

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Discount code


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Menstrual Masterclass, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Menstrual Masterclass

Connect With What Matters Most.


Learn how to tune in to what's happening in your body throughout your cycle. Through journaling, tracking, meditation, and embodied guided self-learning, this is where the magic happens. Exploring your cycle powers creates the foundation for more self-love, more productivity, better relationships and better boundaries. 

Here are a few things you will walk away with:

  • Learn how to plan and optimise your day by using your cycle

  • Navigate emotional and physical impact through each phase

  • Explore simple self-care practices that will fit into your life

  • Shift the way you think about yourself and your body

menstraul masterclass

Meet Your Power Course

A foundation course on the menstrual cycle as you were never taught it at school!



  • the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle - Dream, Do, Give and Take

  • the science of the cycle - the hormones that make these phases

  • simple cycle tracking + resources

Meet Your Power Course Introduction Video

Explore Your Power Course

In this life-changing course, explore the challenges and the benefits of each phase, and learn how to nurture and channel your powers to be your most empowered yet.


  • how the Dream, Do, Give, and Take phases work for you

  • how to plan your day, week, and month to optimise your innate strengths throughout your cycle

  • 5 minute daily practice to build self-care 

  • dream phase meditation

  • how to channel and support PMT

Explore Your Power
  • Can I share course info with a friend?
    The insights you learn will definitely be share-worthy, but if you'd like to build up a relationship with me and the community I recommend you save your access for yourself. In order for your friends to get the best results, we recommend they sign up to take the masterclass themselves.
  • I'm a teacher, can I use your course for my students?
    I love that you want to share this with your class! Please go ahead and work through the course, if you would like to share my teachings please be sure to credit me, or reach out to me if you are interested in more resources for your school. Click here for more information on my school offerings.
  • How long can I access the course?
    You have a full year to access the course whenever and as often as you like. Take your time, use it over as many cycles as you need, and build up positive cycle habits at your own pace.

It's Time to Realise... You Are Enough, Every Day.

Join my guided, self-paced journey of self-discovery and learn the simple practice to harness your cycle power.
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